Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Broken Hearts and Tears...

We appear to be lost in a mass hallucination where suffering, perceived differences, hatred, competition, separation, and fear, masquerade as reality. It is only a matter of time before humanity is forced to reevaluate its perception and begins to truly live a life based on truth and love.

 We will evolve. It will take what it takes to wake up the disillusioned masses. Only then will it change. This is yet another tragic opportunity to commune with each other and love one another through our grief. We are so lost from our purpose of love and compassion. We are working from a place completely detached from the essence of our beings. At the heart of it all, we ARE one. One living organism, connected inexorably through the very life force that creates us. Call it what you will, but there is a connective force and until we recognize that and utilize it for our progression, we will suffer the pain and injury created by self-denial, self-loathing, and self- destruction.

 We cannot on the one hand “fight” to save lives, go to extremes to survive disease and disaster, and then on the other hand be (unwittingly or inadvertently) responsible for the great irreverence for life which is the current paradigm pervading our planet. Until we see ourselves as connected to not only our familiars, but to ALL, our best effort toward advancement and evolution remains thwarted. Like bailing water out of the ocean with a thimble, we exhaust ourselves with effort and never acknowledge on a grand scale, that the problem is a lack of commitment to ourselves. We as a species deserve our best chance to progress, and if this is our best, we have a long way to go.

I have faith that we will arrive one day, though the path shall be paved with broken hearts and tears.