Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dance of the Storm

The wind led the trees in a maniacal dance

Bending and swaying,

Dipping to the sound of the distant thunder

The heavy air having hung stagnant all day

Began to lift on the cusp of the storm

Before the first drop fell

The scent of rain permeated the atmosphere

Lightning flashed and the darkness lifted for an instant

The trees carried on their lunatic dance

In the harsh light of nature’s strobe

While the beat of thunder cracked loudly

Reverberating, echoing through the evening

The proverbial drum roll

Flashing and crashing

The cloud curtain opened

And the raindrops flitted out like ballerinas on stage

Then faster and faster

A heart beating wildly,

Out of control

Silver sheets cascaded over the earth

The strobe lightning struck

And the thunder roared louder

The water poured down in torrential streams

The earth bore the storm like so many before

Receiving, and engorging as much as could be contained

Allowing the rest to pour in great, racing gushes

Down through the valley into the rushing river

Until at long last it slowed

The wind began to die down

And the clouds drifted slowly apart

The sun in its glory trickled through the darkness

A glimpse here, a sparkle there

Then the light of heaven glistened like gold

In the drops and the damage

Left in the wake of the raging storm

The blue, blue sky epitomizing clarity

Promising renewal and hope  

And resetting the stage

For the next act to follow

Monday, April 23, 2012


I thought I would write tonight, but alas I cannot muster the effort to speak eloquently or even remotely intelligently. I feel tired and drained and less than inspired. And so that means I won’t. I won’t suffer us all to sit through a forced bunch of b.s. that may or may not have a logical and/or valid point.

Instead I will continue waiting (not so) patiently for my inner muse to return and my thoughts to find their voice. Somehow I am regrouping. Like a planted seed I will sprout again… Grow, blossom, nourish, wilt, shed, spread seed, die and be reborn through the process of cultivation.

For now, I rest in the depth of my heart’s dank rich soil; feeling myself breaking open slowly, as the warmth of love’s light incubates and the cool, clear water of awareness trickles down to reach me. Watch carefully, for any day now a tender green shoot of wisdom will burst forth and reach out to touch the world.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Today I will...

 I will allow the ceaseless grace of the divine to carry me.
I will rest upon the winds of fate.
I will have faith.
I will not resist reality.
I will trust.
I will embrace my imperfections.
I will face fear.
I will encourage.
I will smile because my heart is glad.
I will be grateful.
I will forgive.
I will share.
I will see the perfection in all things.
I will believe.
I will greet the day with open arms.
I will be compassionate.
I will connect with others.
I will love unconditionally.
I will be myself.
I will be proud of my efforts.
I will laugh.
I will dance.
I will cry joyful tears.
I will remember what truly matters.
I will remind you.

Monday, April 2, 2012

We Are...

We are. We are witnesses as well as active players in this phenomenal experience we call human drama. We are creators, directors and interactive participants in the ever unfolding story of life.

We see and feel the ordinary where it meets the extraordinary, relishing in the excitement, the angst, the joy and sorrow. It is no coincidence that we mimic and idolize life on stage and big screens, immersing our consciousness into its lure of enchantment.

Life compels, enthralls, engages, enrages, impassions, amazes, astounds, addicts, afflicts, affects, conflicts, challenges, fulfills, disappoints, contradicts, usurps, undoes, elates, destroys, creates, and defines us. We are torn inside out by the depth of life’s sorrows and elated beyond the boundaries of heaven's gates by the rapturous joy life contains.

All things, good and bad, all things are encompassed in this enigma, this unfathomable experience that we are right now a part of. We are each of us instrumental to the occurrence of this moment. Our awareness is what gives this moment and every moment across the vast expanse of eternity meaning.

Our power over this is but a breath away. We are the purveyors of destiny. We, who know the simplest yet profoundest truth of all.  We are. It is by this comprehension that we reconnect with the part of ourselves that is infinite. Here as human beings we are given an opportunity to recognize our own existence and to fully interact with the wonder and woe that abounds. We are alive. We are here. We are given a gift, a divine bestowment upon our hearts. The knowledge and ability to feel the full range of humanity’s capacity. To not only see it, or hear of it, but to feel it in all of its earth shattering glory. We suffer the depths of despair and we celebrate the heights of ecstasy, because we are.