Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Realizing Our Potential...

One cannot go blindly about a life of mundane autonomy once they have but glimpsed even the slightest hint of the greater purpose. We on this planet are on the cusp of a spiritual awakening that will set the stage for a future of inconceivable experience.

Currently we live in a reality in which our systems of effectual change are all but impotent in the face of the social and economic tyranny which holds the powers that be in their place of affluent control. This stronghold comes not only at the cost of millions of innocent lives, but also the price of our very existence. Our habitat, our home, the very planet without which humanity cannot survive, is under attack. The endless growth of profit based business is a cancer to our one irreplaceable life source. Our every sustenance is polluted with the waste of industry. Our air is permeated with toxic chemicals and radiation. Our water is riddled with poisons, garbage and sludge. Our food is laced with pesticides and herbicides, we are committing ecological suicide and we don’t even realize the magnitude to which this problem has overtaken our world. The Earth, our mother, provider and nurturer is crying for mercy. And yet the ruse goes on. The Hollywood movie producers continue to entertain us, the advertising industry continues to manipulate us, corporate greed keeps raping much of the planet's people of their right to peace, equality, and basic civil liberties; all in the name of capitalism.
By distraction and distortion we are coerced into believing that we are vain, vengeful, fearful, hateful, insufficient creatures. In need of some thing in order to be complete. This is a terrible misdirection, intended only to increase our feelings of discord and distrust. The idea that this could be a natural occurrence or even more, an accidental happenstance seems ludicrous in the face of the facts as they stand. Big $ uses every tactic to ensure that we the people do not become aware of the ridiculous imbalance that prevails upon this planet by feeding the idea that we are competitors instead of partners, by planting and strengthening the concepts of separation and differences. We are consumers of a grave misappropriation of information, buyers and sellers of a deceitful fabrication. Those of us who have the freedom to recognize and refuse this unconscionable level of manipulation have a duty to spread our understanding far and wide.

There is an unarguably insidious agenda driving the human race, and we are speeding precariously near the edge of no return. People need to recognize on a mass scale that life is not meant to be battled, or wasted on the pursuit of material comforts. Our true purpose as spirits embodied is to experience ourselves in all of our mortal wonder. To realize our potential for love, joy, appreciation and compassion. To know above all else that we are one, a family of humans who through connectivity and community can heal not only the wounds of our dysfunctional past (present), but also the planet upon which we so depend. This horrific era of illusionary separation is in its death throes. Now is the time for us to come together. We face a new world brimming with possibility, freed from oppression and disillusionment. We are bound together by our innate desire to rise above the nightmarish realities which currently prevail and to create a new paradigm in which we can flourish. A society based not on ruthless racketeering, but rather on a shared reverence for the beauty and wonder of life... A planet that is not stripped of precious resources, but is cultivated and cared for... A mass recognition of humananity's unlimited potential for kindness, cooperation and creativity...

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality"
 -John Lennon.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Ask Yourself Why...


Why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated by profit seeking fear mongering?

Why do we continue to buy into some fictitious idea of happiness?

Why do we always seek bigger, better, newer?

Why do we preoccupy our minds with endless distractions?

Why do we waste so much time, money, and energy striving to fit some constructed idea of physical perfection?

Why do we still believe that “things” can fill our longing?

Why are we never satisfied?

Why do we waste resources in monstrous proportions, while others suffer needlessly?

Why do we turn a blind eye to the destruction and mutilation of our planet?

Why are we not mortified on a global scale by the imbalance of power and misappropriation of resources?

Why do we allow corruption and greed to dictate our realities?

Why do we turn away from people in need?

Why do we talk of peace, love, and compassion while contributing to fear, hate, and self-service?

Why do we sensationalize suffering and downplay the true power of kindness?

Why do we disregard true wealth in the form of heartfelt connection?

Why do we fail to recognize the fact that we are part of a living organism... and that what we do to Earth and others, so too do we do to ourselves?

Why haven’t we yet moved beyond this ego based, need driven society?

Why do we accept that “this is just how it is”; when we KNOW that it is integrally WRONG?

Why do we refuse to believe that change starts with the individual?

Why is enough NEVER enough???


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Exercising Love...

So let’s try something… If you would be so kind as to humor me here, I think this could be quite powerful.

Okay, sit quietly for a moment and think of someone you love unconditionally. Feel the serenity and joy of that deep, heartfelt connection. It may be a parent, grandparent, a child, a sibling… Your best friend, spouse or lover…Maybe it’s all of the above. Now really bask in that glorious feeling. Allow it to wash over you completely. Let yourself be overcome by the warmth and bliss that fills your heart when you think of loved ones. Feel the security of knowing that your love is eternal; that not even death can destroy the power of love. Feel the innate compassion that comes naturally when we think of people whose happiness affects us. Feel the depth of desire to care for, nurture, and cultivate that love. Know that feeling connected to others and caring for them as we do ourselves, as extensions of ourselves, is exactly what we are meant to do. Our purpose is to know love, to give love, to be Love.

Now, if you have sat with this for a while and are feeling full of warm, gushy feelings of love and joy, take a moment to think about the fact that EVERY SINGLE person on this planet who is alive today or has ever lived, was somebody’s child. Somebody’s mother, sister, best friend, brother, father, aunt, uncle, confidante…  Somebody’s LOVE. We are a family of people who all need love. It is the most integral part of our being. Love the people of the world today like they are yours to care for, because truthfully they are.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It Is What It Is (as it is meant to be)...

There seems to be a recurring theme circulating in and around my consciousness. It has been sought out, and has also appeared unbidden and unexpectedly over the course of the past month or so.

The idea is that true happiness comes from acknowledging that reality is as it is. Any time we feel compelled to alter reality in any way to create happiness we are arguing with what is and in turn creating turmoil.

Now, I am far from implementing this knowledge in any tangible way. The concept still befuddles me… However, I am allowing the implications to seep into my being and make real the idea that all things are perfect exactly as they are in this moment, and I can KNOW that because that is the experience I am having. Things are as such, and so that is how they are meant to be. Or at the very least this is how I am meant to perceive them at this time. Perhaps I will choose to alter things with my actions or lack thereof. Or, perhaps buried within the seemingly senseless struggle and strife of everyday life I will find the answer to all of life’s questions and realize that happiness is not lost nor found… But is in fact a state of mind, an understanding, or recognition of a profound truth which bequests my unconditional acceptance.

I am (we are) being provided exactly what we need right now in order to  instigate whatever growth our souls seek within this lifetime. The challenges we face provide the opportunity to practice this truth. This can be hard to accept, and sometimes (often during times of strife) it can feel impossible to allow what is to be just that, what it is. We get caught up in the idea that if we could alter something we could certainly feel better than we do in said circumstance. The fact that I am wrapping my head around is that the discomfort, the feelings we want to evade, avoid, run from, extinguish, those ARE the very essence of which our experience is made up of. It is when we see all things as the gifts that they are that we are freed from the eternal suffering of discontent. Free to BE as we truly are, limitless, extraordinary creatures of creativity, constructing our realities precisely as they are meant to be.

As I mentioned I am only beginning to put this into coherent thought patterns and so I apologize if this seems disjointed or vague. I only know that I am experiencing an abundance of information coming at me from many different vantage points at once and the message seems to be one of unified opinion… Everything is as it should be. ALWAYS.

Hmmm… so let this resonate with you if you will. Allow it to sit in your heart and on your mind and together we’ll discover where this comprehension can lead us.