Thursday, May 1, 2014

Step right up folks!

If I could write my own escape from the prison of my thoughts and doubts... If composing them all neat and tidy, with impeccable articulation, could release me and buy my freedom... I'd drain the world of ink as I scrawled the endless multitudes of mundane existence. I'd wax poetic until my hand curled and cramped around the pen, about the mysteries of life, the beauty of the night, the depth of love and loss, and all that lingers in between to haunt my hours and fill my dreams...
I'd tell you of a tightrope, stretched high above the sands of time, upon which I precariously teeter between two inexplicable extremes, Hope and Despair. As I make my way trepidatiously from here to there, and balance rather wobbly, with outstretched arms to steady me. The winds of change gust and blow and whip my hair around my face, and my performance is riddled with foot slips, close calls, and miracle recoveries. I soldier onward to the frantic tune of circus sideshows taking place far, far beneath my feet. With the Grace of some divine intervention My heart draws me forward. Opening. Filling with confidence, my faith multiplies with every step. And in a profound moment of clarity, I realize that the wire is no longer streched in front of me. I glide along on an invisible thread, finer than silk, made of the breath which breathed life into being, I continue ever gratefully, from this place where I step currently, within the walls of mystery, I am guided through eternity.