Monday, September 29, 2014

*WARNING* Spiritual Content- Reader discretion advised

I woke this morning with a thought rattling around. It was one of those nagging thoughts that longs to be lingered upon and carved into some coherent, relatable message. As it began to take form, I was reminded of a biblical passage. I must interrupt here, to extend my sincerest apologies to anyone who might be offended or put off by my talking God-"smack" so early on a Monday morning. I am not a particularly religious person, nor would I generally presume to preach the gospel of Christ. However, if it peaks yours curiosity, it was a passage from the book of Matthew- 7:24-27.

Having set up the premise for my rambling, for those who wish to read on, I offer this for your contemplation...

 Build your house upon the rock. Draw not your strength from the shifting sands of human ego. Be able to let those sands blow around you in whatever storm they conjure, and know that though the winds may be fierce, the solid stone of which you are made can be neither displaced nor destroyed. Remember during moments that threaten to wash you away in a torrent of violent, chaotic, intense emotions, that you cannot be budged. You can confuse yourself with your ego and believe you are being destroyed in the storm, but the truest part of "you", the part which knows itself as an infinite being whose existence is not temporal or physical, will know not but security. If we remember to draw from the source of all strength, the eternal, invincible, rock from which we are forged, we will always endure.

 Every moment gives us an opportunity to call upon the strength of our physical being, our individual, ego based identity, or to call upon the limitless power of that which we are made, the indomitable power of Spirit.

Call it what you will: God. The Holy Spirit. Christ Consciousness. The Tao. Enlightenment. Universal Mind. Dharma. Grace... It all leads to the understanding that we are never lost, but always found. Never in peril, but always undeniably connected to all that is, was or ever will be.

In this truth lies our release from fear. For how can we fear when we know what we are and from whence we came to inhabit this world?

 "Be not afraid." Wiser words may never have been spoken.