Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Transformative thinking...

One of life’s most difficult challenges for me (and many others I imagine) is allowing myself to feel unpleasant feelings. I STRUGGLE against them. I squirm and crawl and all but go insane! I despise feeling uncomfortable. Negative thoughts and feelings cause me a great deal of discomfort. I recognize on an intellectual level that there is a divine balance to life.  In fact, life is much like a spinning coin balanced precariously on its rim, with positive on one side and negative upon the other.  The important thing to remember is that one side of the coin cannot exist without the other. Allowing the negative to BE, embracing uncomfortable emotions and finding the value of their existence is critical, not only for survival, but in order to thrive.
I’m wondering if it is something like photography; the negative, must be exposed to light and then processed to create a positive image… This manner of thinking leads me to believe that the negative is not to be avoided or resented. There is no shame in recognizing sorrow’s existence. The multifaceted experience of life as we know it is something we take utterly for granted. We often, in our attempts to avoid sadness or darkness, miss the very depth of reality. Perhaps there is worth to be found in despair. Perhaps it is through the true acceptance and absorption of these emotions that we attain their opposite… It may be that we actually transmute ourselves through one state of being into the next. This may help to explain the state of the planet at this time. Atrocities on both personal and planetary levels seem extraordinarily heightened. We as a species may need to stop trying to evade or counter this phenomenon, but instead to incorporate it into ourselves in order to become aware that there is purpose in all things, including misery.
To forgive both ourselves and others our frailties and perceived weaknesses, to truly open our hearts and minds to the concept of “wholeness”.  Accepting fully that our purpose here is to live wholly and experience the entire range of humanity's capacities. Allowing for the possibility that perhaps there is power to be gained by leaving resistance behind and moving into a fully integrated state of being. Letting go of detrimental, judgmental thought processes that seek to segregate and displace our true capabilities. We might utilize the anguish and despondency to cultivate compassion. We may see the beauty and profound opportunities for connection shadowed within life’s tragedies. Compassionate living is the key to transformation. Through love and compassion, all things are possible. When our hearts go out to others… When we acknowledge our own need for compassion and understanding…  We are becoming something greater than we can ever imagine. So, the next time you or I find ourselves in a state of “negative” thinking may we have the strength and wisdom to offer up kindness and consideration for the divine purpose it might represent.

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