Saturday, October 8, 2011


I must confess I am encouraged to see people beginning to acknowledge the extent of global crisis we face as a society of human beings at this pivotal point in history.  It will inarguably take mass quantities of people deciding to choose differently, before real change can find its way into our daily lives. However, I am a bit concerned with the negative connotations attached to the very concept of protest. What is the opposite of protest? Support? Encourage? Attest? Promote?
People should be staging  PROMOTIONS (or ATTESTS?):  Gatherings of like -minded individuals who share a desire to improve the state of BE-ing upon this planet. Assemblies of people expressing our heartfelt support for and belief in love, peace, kindness, unity, equality, sustainability, tolerance, compassionate living, human potential, the connectivity of all things, respect for nature, and reverence for life in all of its awe-inspiring diversity and endless splendor.
Harboring or worse yet, encouraging an “us against them” mentality is detrimental to progress. Human beings can institute real change by supporting the basic ideals for a new way of living, rather than attacking the current system. Resisting will inevitably create more resistance, friction and conflict. Persisting on the other hand, through creative expressions of cooperation could help us move smoothly from one place to the next in this seemingly unavoidable evolutionary journey. How do we wish to proceed? How do we intend to give birth to this new era? Will it be through struggle, pain and fear? Or, will we cultivate our best qualities to face the uncharted days to come with resolve, compassion, faith, and courageous examples of human strength, perseverance and integrity? We all have a stake in this, and we all have decisions to make regarding the means by which we progress from here.

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  1. Grandmother would be so proud of you. I still remember how angry and annoyed she was when the Gulf War started. I remember writing letters back and forth with her about it when I was in college. (Remember REAL letters?) I still have those letters, wrapped up in a ribbon.