Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valuing our resources...

I am drawn to the idea of change. A global alteration, which would acknowledge the value of women and elevate their contributions to a level of reverence in which they are honored and cherished for all that they do and all that they are.
Living in a world that does not honor women is a travesty. Just knowing that somewhere right now a mother suffers unnecessarily, while caring for and worrying about her family, breaks my heart into a million jagged pieces. They slice and pierce my sense of well being, a constant reminder of an insufferable reality.
As a mother of daughters, I am fortunate to have been born in a country, at a time when women had fought for and won equal rights. Yet I am fearful and ashamed to have my daughters learn of the unthinkable horrors that are unjustly barraged upon women the world over. The atrocities of humanity’s shortcomings never fail to astonish and incite me.
The very idea of a world in which people are treated fairly and equally, where a child in Asia or Africa is every bit as much a person and as important to the web of life as a child in the U.S. (your child, or mine) is utopian under our current thought paradigm! It is inconceivable and must become widely accepted if we are ever to rise above this oppressive mentality.
There is a pressing need within my heart to express this concern. I long to impart to everyone how very, very, critical this issue is to our planetary evolvement.  We cannot call ourselves civilized creatures while allowing the imbalance of power and greed to infect and destroy so many. Particularly women, need to be protected and cherished, they need opportunities to use their capacity for love and compassion that are readily available within their hearts, to participate in and affect real change in the world.
I could start going into the financial injustice, the global misuse of funds, which encourages a world of fear and war instead of a world of love and peace… I could sit here all day and discuss how as a species we must decide to put “life” before “profit”… Perhaps I’ll save that subject for another day! J

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