Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Path of Least Resistance...

Change is constant. Change is inevitable. Change is the one thing that never fails. Trying to hold something unchanged is the ultimate resistance. The path of least resistance is the hidden key to happiness. Relinquishing our unattainable need for control and allowing the current of change (life) to carry us is the only true way to get to our destination. Let go of the bank! Trust the flow! It only feels perilous because of our limited scope of awareness. If you resist the flow of life, it will batter you and leave you broken and bruised. If you allow it to carry you with grace and faith, you will wash up gently upon the shores of paradise.
We are all in a constant state of evolutionary change. Stagnation is detrimental to this process. Fear of the unknown keeps us from moving gracefully through the stages of our own enlightenment. Through faith in this process and relinquishment of the mistaken concept of setting one’s own course, we become master life captains by following the course that presents itself and navigating our vessel through unexpected waters with confidence and ease.
We are the purveyors of our own destinies; in so much as we are able to let the paths unfold around us… Then are we able to see the bigger picture, the greater realm of possibilities, not hindered by our own short sightedness. When we are in a state of compliance with what is, we are truly sailing upon the sea of existence rather than struggling to avoid being drowned by the all-powerful mysteries of the unknown.
Welcome change. Open your heart and your mind to the concept of allowance. Embrace change, and live fully. Let go of senseless fear.  ALLOW life to BE what it is. And in so doing, allow yourself to BE a part of it.

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