Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Poem called Truth...

My mind has been a torrent lately of thoughts and meanderings that are too complex to relate just yet. I haven't the skill to translate these thoughts into comprehendible, considerable, readable text. However, I remembered a poem I had written about five and a half years ago, that I’d like to offer for your contemplation...

In truth there simply has to be
A way to cause the world to see
From here we can not get to there
This place can only serve despair
Choices made and sides begot
Fear be fed and hatred taught
A distance furthered in between
Illusion wrapped up in a dream
Self inflicted pain and rage
Caught up in this twisted cage
Where heaven’s light doth barely seep
Lost from love in places deep
Children who deserve a life
Suffer through unending strife
All because we cannot see
Our false individuality
How is one worth more or less?
Based on where they lay their heads?
Until each mother’s safe and fed
And every child’s life is led
Until all people hold it true
That you are me and I am you
This downward spiral’s sure to spread
Leading to foul’s own sick end
And those who sadly can’t believe
In peace, love, and prosperity
Will continue on this evil trend
From fathers on to grandchildren
Damning us eternally
To live in false reality
Separation feeds the beast
Until the masses pray for peace
Seeking mercy fair and sweet
Alas in truth we’ll be set free

Thanks for reading today!

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