Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Glory of Spring

The sun streams across the fields and valleys, sparkling upon the river that ever flows. Its radiant light casts shadows everywhere. They dance and flicker through the trees.

The sky an endless blue is broken by the wisps of clouds. Trees like lace frame the vast expanse. Winter branches reach their knobby fingers toward the infinite azure. The crooked, knotted limbs intertwine against the pristine backdrop to create a feeling of overwhelming awe.

My eyes flit from sight to sight and light upon the wondrous beauty of a golden day.

The air is touched with the dewy fresh, damp green scent of spring. The soil is warming in the beaming sun’s rays, awakening and incubating the plants whose long winter sleep is at long last past. Crocus’ peak their tender heads up from their earthen womb heralding the dawn a new season.

The moss on the trees is vibrant green upon grey and brown and red. The forest floor, a patchwork quilt  of browns and reds and burnt oranges. Last fall’s foliage blankets the ground and permeates the air with a dank and musty odor bringing to mind peaceful tranquility,  a promise of security and continuity in the ever predicatable cycle of life, death, life.

Houses and barns sit welcoming in the warmth of the afternoon. Baking in the sun and emanating comfort from the very boards that comprise them. Their paint worn by the weather, their roofs show signs of wear and tear. Their porches beckon to be sat upon, their yards and gardens cry out to be played in, tended.

People are out everywhere. In their yards and in the towns, they soak up the rejuvenating, redemption of yet another season of life commencing. The promise of abundance and renewal pervades the mood and tantalizes the senses. Spring has sprung to life like a baby born. And I weep sweet soft tears of eternal gratitude, so blessed am I (are we) to experience the glory of life's perpetual grace.

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