Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dance of the Storm

The wind led the trees in a maniacal dance

Bending and swaying,

Dipping to the sound of the distant thunder

The heavy air having hung stagnant all day

Began to lift on the cusp of the storm

Before the first drop fell

The scent of rain permeated the atmosphere

Lightning flashed and the darkness lifted for an instant

The trees carried on their lunatic dance

In the harsh light of nature’s strobe

While the beat of thunder cracked loudly

Reverberating, echoing through the evening

The proverbial drum roll

Flashing and crashing

The cloud curtain opened

And the raindrops flitted out like ballerinas on stage

Then faster and faster

A heart beating wildly,

Out of control

Silver sheets cascaded over the earth

The strobe lightning struck

And the thunder roared louder

The water poured down in torrential streams

The earth bore the storm like so many before

Receiving, and engorging as much as could be contained

Allowing the rest to pour in great, racing gushes

Down through the valley into the rushing river

Until at long last it slowed

The wind began to die down

And the clouds drifted slowly apart

The sun in its glory trickled through the darkness

A glimpse here, a sparkle there

Then the light of heaven glistened like gold

In the drops and the damage

Left in the wake of the raging storm

The blue, blue sky epitomizing clarity

Promising renewal and hope  

And resetting the stage

For the next act to follow

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