Thursday, July 26, 2012

We Are...

I am convinced that being here in this particular moment in history has meaning. That I am meant to Be and you are meant to Be. We are not by accident, our intended purpose is beyond our understanding and yet the idea of a grander scheme is implied by the basic reality of our existence. We often get so caught up in the daily drama of our individual lives; lost in our struggles, joys, and sorrows. We have such a magnified view of our own personal experiences that we often forget to pan out and recognize that we are all a part of the larger picture and that we affect one another in profound ways.

We are, each and every one of us, instrumental to humanity’s evolution upon this planet. Even if you are unaware of how you are impacting the bigger picture, your every thought and emotion is contributing to the overall collective consciousness. Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts, and never doubt your capacity to affect others with your words and actions. The more time we spend in higher realms of emotion, such as gratitude, love, and compassion, the faster we as a species will transcend the dredges of fear based society.  The more we are able to embrace life as our own, and to take responsibility for all of our brothers and sisters upon this planet, the faster the momentum will gather like a snowball effect. Cooperation can supersede competition. It only takes a certain percentage of the population to recognize and the scales will tip. In fact the tipping process is well underway. The unlimited potential of a cooperative race of human beings, working toward the same goal of sustainable living and reverence for life IS attainable. It is not (as we have been misled to believe) impossible. We are a race with infinite potential, able to perform phenomenal feats thought to be unimaginable. I refuse to believe that we are incapable of creating a society in which we put the best interest of all above the success of the few.

 We do not have to suffer. Suffering is meant to awaken us. Haven’t we spent enough time lost in this nightmare? We can use the atrocities of our current world to transmute our intentions and redirect our energies.  A global transformation led by a mass collection of internal transformations. Little by little we can effect change, every day in little ways. Showing everyone respect and empathy… Giving with a joyful heart, knowing that giving is the greatest form of reward. Loving even the darkness so that the light of love will infiltrate the darkest corners and bring us out of this dark age and into the light of conscious living. To say that we are capable is an understatement. We have been deluded to believe that we are powerless creatures, susceptible to the whims of tyranny, greed and aggression. The transcendental power of awareness coupled with love is infinitely greater than any of these. We are greater than our strongest fears. We can rise above our darkest tendencies. You and me… We have the power to change the world. We have the chance to heal the world. We have the capacity to love the world, to leave for future generations a new legacy. We are here at this moment for a reason. We can choose what to make of it.

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