Monday, July 9, 2012

Live to Love

Love increases in an unexpected manner. It is an anomaly of sorts. It does not follow laws of physicality. Unlike material possessions, the more love you give away, the more love you acquire.

How does this phenomenon work exactly? I don’t presume to know, but I can attest to the truth of the notion. Giving love in every situation whenever possible (it’s always possible… just not always easy) is the surest way to ensure that you will receive the love that we as creatures of intimate mechanics inevitably require.

We need affection, attention, consideration, compassion, cooperation, and kindness. In short… WE. NEED. LOVE. There is no faster way to deteriorate human potential than to deny our fundamental need for communion, connection, love. Our most basic instincts communicate our overt need for loving interaction.

Cultivation of heartfelt connections, recognizing our shared human needs and loving others as an extension of ourselves or our families is instrumental in our evolution from a fear held society to a culture designed to bring out the best of human nature. A new way of being that leads to experiences filled with joy and wisdom, reverence and support for all of life as the fully integrated organism it is. A love led life. A life of intention where we know there is a greater purpose to our presence upon this beautiful orb in this infinitely magnificent universe.  Our purpose is clear. We are to love and be loved. Of this I am certain.


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