Monday, March 21, 2011

A Shift...

Forgive me upfront, as I am about to go on a rant. You may or may not like what I have to say in this particular blog, in fact you might even disagree with me, which is your right. And for those of you, whose sense of self may feel threatened by my thoughts and suggestions, please believe that my intent upon writing this is not to cause anyone any distress. While I have the utmost respect for others and their beliefs, I am only “calling it like I see it” so to speak. This is my truth. I hope you can find some benefit from my sharing it with you.
I find myself grappling right now to understand, no, to even begin to comprehend a society in which a natural disaster can bring about a wave of humanity driven care and effort and then be followed immediately by destructive, violence driven tactics in another part of the world. How is there this disconnect when it comes to the value of a human life? Why is it that casualties of war are socially accepted while casualties of uncontrolled events are travesties???  Isn’t the idea of a civilized society to prevent unnecessary death and suffering?
I think people on this planet have forgotten the basic rule of human interaction… DO UNTO OTHERS. We teach our children, not to hit or act out of violence when they are upset and yet the adults who run this world act like unaware, undisciplined toddlers when it comes to negotiation and policy making. Where is the TOLERANCE? I am not suggesting that we allow people to be massacred or oppressed and stand idly by while others are abused; but honestly what are we accomplishing by fighting? As long as we are willing as a race of humans to take it to that level and “fight” it out, there will always be “a reason”. It is time for a shift in how we cope with adversity. Nay it is waaayyy past time. It is bordering upon too late.
If what we need as a society is to get to a certain point where we stop and say “ENOUGH”! This is not who we choose to BE. Then I for one say that time is now! Look at this Earth, look at the consequences of our unbalanced society. Look at the way nature is reacting to our ignorance. We can not as a species stop killing ourselves and our planet… We poison our water… our air… our food…  We strive for material comforts and distractions all the while turning a blind eye to the grave injustices that make it possible for the few to have much and the many to have little.
Until the people begin to recognize that we are all connected, the Earth and all of Her people.  Until we begin to make decisions based upon the well being of ALL, this terrible imbalance we’ve created will only magnify, and multiply until the entire planet literally expires under the strain of intemperance and unawareness. When we begin to truly see that what happens on the other side of the world happens to us as well, when the illusion of separatism begins to dissipate, we will no longer be able to fool ourselves with temporal reassurance and diversion. We will be forced to see the truth, that what we do to others so too do we do unto ourselves. And perhaps, maybe... if we shift our perspective fully and soon enough we may have a chance to create a true family of humanity and experience a greater joy and peace than we have ever imagined.
In every moment in all of your personal dealings try to keep this in mind. Try to give the love and consideration that you’d like to receive and not get caught up in the I/me/mine mentality that nourishes this dysfunctional situation. Keep your focus on the light, give it your attention and together we can overcome the darkness. We can as Gandhi says, “Be the change”.

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