Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It Is What It Is (as it is meant to be)...

There seems to be a recurring theme circulating in and around my consciousness. It has been sought out, and has also appeared unbidden and unexpectedly over the course of the past month or so.

The idea is that true happiness comes from acknowledging that reality is as it is. Any time we feel compelled to alter reality in any way to create happiness we are arguing with what is and in turn creating turmoil.

Now, I am far from implementing this knowledge in any tangible way. The concept still befuddles me… However, I am allowing the implications to seep into my being and make real the idea that all things are perfect exactly as they are in this moment, and I can KNOW that because that is the experience I am having. Things are as such, and so that is how they are meant to be. Or at the very least this is how I am meant to perceive them at this time. Perhaps I will choose to alter things with my actions or lack thereof. Or, perhaps buried within the seemingly senseless struggle and strife of everyday life I will find the answer to all of life’s questions and realize that happiness is not lost nor found… But is in fact a state of mind, an understanding, or recognition of a profound truth which bequests my unconditional acceptance.

I am (we are) being provided exactly what we need right now in order to  instigate whatever growth our souls seek within this lifetime. The challenges we face provide the opportunity to practice this truth. This can be hard to accept, and sometimes (often during times of strife) it can feel impossible to allow what is to be just that, what it is. We get caught up in the idea that if we could alter something we could certainly feel better than we do in said circumstance. The fact that I am wrapping my head around is that the discomfort, the feelings we want to evade, avoid, run from, extinguish, those ARE the very essence of which our experience is made up of. It is when we see all things as the gifts that they are that we are freed from the eternal suffering of discontent. Free to BE as we truly are, limitless, extraordinary creatures of creativity, constructing our realities precisely as they are meant to be.

As I mentioned I am only beginning to put this into coherent thought patterns and so I apologize if this seems disjointed or vague. I only know that I am experiencing an abundance of information coming at me from many different vantage points at once and the message seems to be one of unified opinion… Everything is as it should be. ALWAYS.

Hmmm… so let this resonate with you if you will. Allow it to sit in your heart and on your mind and together we’ll discover where this comprehension can lead us.

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