Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Realizing Our Potential...

One cannot go blindly about a life of mundane autonomy once they have but glimpsed even the slightest hint of the greater purpose. We on this planet are on the cusp of a spiritual awakening that will set the stage for a future of inconceivable experience.

Currently we live in a reality in which our systems of effectual change are all but impotent in the face of the social and economic tyranny which holds the powers that be in their place of affluent control. This stronghold comes not only at the cost of millions of innocent lives, but also the price of our very existence. Our habitat, our home, the very planet without which humanity cannot survive, is under attack. The endless growth of profit based business is a cancer to our one irreplaceable life source. Our every sustenance is polluted with the waste of industry. Our air is permeated with toxic chemicals and radiation. Our water is riddled with poisons, garbage and sludge. Our food is laced with pesticides and herbicides, we are committing ecological suicide and we don’t even realize the magnitude to which this problem has overtaken our world. The Earth, our mother, provider and nurturer is crying for mercy. And yet the ruse goes on. The Hollywood movie producers continue to entertain us, the advertising industry continues to manipulate us, corporate greed keeps raping much of the planet's people of their right to peace, equality, and basic civil liberties; all in the name of capitalism.
By distraction and distortion we are coerced into believing that we are vain, vengeful, fearful, hateful, insufficient creatures. In need of some thing in order to be complete. This is a terrible misdirection, intended only to increase our feelings of discord and distrust. The idea that this could be a natural occurrence or even more, an accidental happenstance seems ludicrous in the face of the facts as they stand. Big $ uses every tactic to ensure that we the people do not become aware of the ridiculous imbalance that prevails upon this planet by feeding the idea that we are competitors instead of partners, by planting and strengthening the concepts of separation and differences. We are consumers of a grave misappropriation of information, buyers and sellers of a deceitful fabrication. Those of us who have the freedom to recognize and refuse this unconscionable level of manipulation have a duty to spread our understanding far and wide.

There is an unarguably insidious agenda driving the human race, and we are speeding precariously near the edge of no return. People need to recognize on a mass scale that life is not meant to be battled, or wasted on the pursuit of material comforts. Our true purpose as spirits embodied is to experience ourselves in all of our mortal wonder. To realize our potential for love, joy, appreciation and compassion. To know above all else that we are one, a family of humans who through connectivity and community can heal not only the wounds of our dysfunctional past (present), but also the planet upon which we so depend. This horrific era of illusionary separation is in its death throes. Now is the time for us to come together. We face a new world brimming with possibility, freed from oppression and disillusionment. We are bound together by our innate desire to rise above the nightmarish realities which currently prevail and to create a new paradigm in which we can flourish. A society based not on ruthless racketeering, but rather on a shared reverence for the beauty and wonder of life... A planet that is not stripped of precious resources, but is cultivated and cared for... A mass recognition of humananity's unlimited potential for kindness, cooperation and creativity...

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality"
 -John Lennon.


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