Friday, May 25, 2012

Ask Yourself Why...


Why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated by profit seeking fear mongering?

Why do we continue to buy into some fictitious idea of happiness?

Why do we always seek bigger, better, newer?

Why do we preoccupy our minds with endless distractions?

Why do we waste so much time, money, and energy striving to fit some constructed idea of physical perfection?

Why do we still believe that “things” can fill our longing?

Why are we never satisfied?

Why do we waste resources in monstrous proportions, while others suffer needlessly?

Why do we turn a blind eye to the destruction and mutilation of our planet?

Why are we not mortified on a global scale by the imbalance of power and misappropriation of resources?

Why do we allow corruption and greed to dictate our realities?

Why do we turn away from people in need?

Why do we talk of peace, love, and compassion while contributing to fear, hate, and self-service?

Why do we sensationalize suffering and downplay the true power of kindness?

Why do we disregard true wealth in the form of heartfelt connection?

Why do we fail to recognize the fact that we are part of a living organism... and that what we do to Earth and others, so too do we do to ourselves?

Why haven’t we yet moved beyond this ego based, need driven society?

Why do we accept that “this is just how it is”; when we KNOW that it is integrally WRONG?

Why do we refuse to believe that change starts with the individual?

Why is enough NEVER enough???


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