Thursday, December 23, 2010


Have you ever witnessed a moment so utterly, beautifully, vulnerable and honest that it simply moved you to tears? I’d like to contemplate vulnerability with you and the exquisite strength required in allowing oneself to be truly vulnerable.
I am known as an outspokenly honest person. Occasionally my honesty is unwarranted. I speak my mind and am often besought to keep my opinions to myself. I do need to remember that people don’t need to know every thought that is in my head. There is a fair amount of discretion required in relationship with others after all. Please allow me to take this moment to apologize if I have ever caused you upset by my careless (reckless) need to spew forth every thing that crosses my mind.  I suppose you could say honesty is my strong suit, discretion however? Not so much. But I do digress.
When it comes to my own vulnerability, I am not always forthcoming. I, like so many strong, independent people have an enormous pretense. We exude this colossal effort to prevent any sign of vulnerability from escaping our hardened shells. Oh how I admire those who have not become so jaded in life that they are able to express that sweet, innocent, wholly human quality we are all born with. How much countless energy is wasted putting on airs of false bravado and self- sufficiency. And for what? What causes this need to appear infallible? And how has something as flawless and awesome as vulnerability come to be seen as a negative connotation?
We have all built walls around our hearts to protect us from potential disappointments. Unfortunately it has worked too well, as it tends to prevent a great deal of wonderful things from touching us as well. We are hardened by our fear of disappointment to such an extent that we actually ridicule those who haven’t become callous; those who maintain hope and love with an open heart. We laugh at them and think them naïve. I now find that naivety endearing, and see power in that mentality that had previously been lost on me.
People need people. We need each other for emotional, physical, and spiritual support. We need each other for reasons too infinite to list. Yet so many of us will not ask for help (*finger pointing at myself here*); will not (can not) allow another, a loved one even, to see that we have needs, that we can and do feel sadness and heartbreak. That even the strongest people still need love and support. Particularly those closest to us bear the brunt of our vulnerability handicaps. We want our loved ones to give us what we need from them, but in true self defeating style we refuse to allow them to see us as emotionally destitute. It is a grave travesty we bestow upon ourselves. Let’s open our hearts to the potential we have within us.
Vulnerability is a divine quality of Love, and in the words of one of my FAVORITE people of all time…
“Love is all you need.” –John Lennon


  1. Beautiful. I feel like you've written from my heart, too. This is me sometimes.

  2. So very true in so many ways. I'm now just learning vulnerability or how to be vulnerable myself. I feel like you took the words right from my head too :)

  3. wow! I hadn't really thought about this before. I find it VERY difficult to show a vulnerable side. Thanks for sharing.