Friday, December 24, 2010

Washing windows...

Life is full surprises. Things rarely go exactly as we expect.  When our best laid plans get derailed it’s imperative to embrace the new opportunities which arise through the dissolution of former ideas. The old adage when life closes a door it opens a window is always true though not always easily recognized. Unfortunately we often grow so awfully attached to certain outcomes that we honestly can’t let go of the door knob! Sometimes the window is only open a crack and the glass is so murky that we may not even see it as an option.
When life takes an unexpected turn, we can become stubborn and cling to our own agenda with great vehemence; often causing ourselves undue struggle and disappointment. Or, we can let go and trust that we are on a journey of discovery; that we are the pioneers of our own destinies. We can grab a rag and start cleaning off windows. We might be amazed by the infinite options which lie beneath the dingy clouds of obstinacy.
Often, life will take an unforeseen turn just to soften our steadfast beliefs and attitudes; forcing us to see things from a different perspective. Or, to help us break out of a self imposed limitation. Life is a series of possibilities. When we welcome the changing currents and allow ourselves to trust the flow of energy in our lives we will be happier and healthier, filled with a newfound excitement and lust for life.
Well, it’s something to aspire to anyway! ;)

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