Monday, February 7, 2011

Entertaining Fantasies...

I am one of those people who prefer stability. I do not like feeling uprooted or ungrounded. I don’t ride roller coasters. I don’t like adrenaline. I have no pressing need for excitement. Give me security, comfort, and a sense of continuity and I thrive. I enjoy adventure, as long as there is safety within sight. A vacation, an excursion; count me in! Just make sure that “home” is ready and waiting for my return with open hearth and dust bunny parades.
We moved a lot when I was a kid. Not far mind you, but “home” was rarely the same place from one year to the next. Apartment after apartment, new rooms, new smells, new views, and new nighttime noises to grow accustomed to.
I’ve always had this vision of a homestead. Not a farm per say, though more and more these days I’d love to keep a few chickens and plant a huge garden. (And everybody knows I’ve always wanted a cow!) ;) But seriously, a big house for my children to call home; with rooms to explore and a big front porch with rocking chairs to sit upon on warm summer evenings. A front yard with a tire swing, and a back yard with a weeping willow.
I know it may seem boring to some. Even unrealistic to others, but this is what I envision when I think of “home”. This daydream has haunted me for as long as I can remember. I picture my children’s children gathered around my dinner table, bedrooms dressed in floral sheets, a big claw foot tub, and crystal doorknobs. Sunlight streaming through lace curtains, over-stuffed furniture, floor to ceiling bookcases, a window above the kitchen sink that looks out into the back yard…
Awwwww… *sigh* that felt good. Sometimes it’s fun to entertain our fantasies, just to see what happens! For me, I feel a connection to something that may or may not exist, and it has put a little ray of sunshine into my consciousness!  This morning I have been contented by make-believe warm and fuzzies! If you catch me smiling wistfully today, you can bet that somewhere in my imagination I am sitting on my phantom porch, basking in the beauty and familiarity of “home”.

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  1. Your "dream home" sounds a lot like the New England we grew up in. If I were still there I would want the same home for my family. A large piece of property with a wrap around porch and a big garden for both vegetables and flowers. The claw foot tub is a MUST..... and the breeze blowing the lace curtains.... I can piture them as if I were standing in the front room of your home right now. It's a beautiful dream and I love that you shared it with us.