Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Do I blog with this quiet moment or do I make a cup of chamomile tea and settle myself under a blanket to read or knit or watch a sappy movie?
Do I have anything earth shatteringly important to say tonight? I’m certain that given the blessed quiet and the peaceful “alone” time I could spark up some at least remotely witty, unquestionably relatable, ultimately personal piece of heartfelt wisdom and consideration that would leave us all feeling warm and fuzzy and intimately connected to each other and the universe… But, much as I love you and want to give that to each of us in turn, I can’t summon the energy tonight to turn life’s overwhelming emotions into eloquence.
Tonight I will contain all of these thoughts, sentiments, and images within my heart and let them rest until they settle into the perfect configuration to share. Until I am overwhelmed with communicative lucidity and an undeniable urge to write, at which time I will open the gate allowing my truth to spill forth unto all who do me the honor of reading my meager little blog. For now though, I will make my tea, tuck my oldest daughter into bed, curl up in the silence and bid you all a goodnight!

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