Friday, February 11, 2011


Mothers get tired and sad and frustrated.
Mothers need love and affection and gratitude.
Mothers run out of patience and strength and empathy.
Mothers need to “recharge” themselves when their energy gets low.
Mothers feel unappreciated and overworked and unrecognized.
Mothers need consideration and compassion and understanding.
Mothers work 24/7 to provide everything to everybody.
Mothers need downtime and fun time and “me” time.
Mothers are giving and guiding and nurturing.
Mothers need direction and encouragement and sustenance.
Mothers are strong and dedicated and vigilant.
Mothers need resonance and friendship and camaraderie. 
Mothers hold hands and wipe tears and kiss away boo -boos.
Mothers need reassurance and assistance and support.
Mothers smile when they feel like crying and laugh when they want to scream and routinely sacrifice their comfort for the comfort of those they love.
This is for all of the wonderful “Mothers” I have the honor of knowing, and with whom I am navigating this treacherous journey through the often lonely, ever rewarding, sometimes dismal, undeniably lovely territory known as motherhood. I honor all of you ladies for your courage, strength, generosity and determination. I am so thankful to have so many inspirational, encouraging, beautiful mother friends. So glad to have you all to share this experience with! We are not alone. We are all together!
All together now… (All together now) All together now…


  1. AMEN! Oh, so true! Great post! Without my fellow mamas out there, I don't know what I would do!