Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have always loved that feeling of truly connecting with others; finding people who come to feel like a part of you.  Recognizing a part of yourself within them, and allowing the connection to help shape and form who you will become.
I have been blessed in life to have some of the best friends one could hope for. They have loved me, and known me, listened to me, and encouraged me. They have given me the best and worst of themselves and received the best and worst of me in return. And through it all they have loved me and been loved by me, no holds barred.  Friends are our chosen family. Given, found by, sought out, introduced to, us; and held onto with great vehemence. Cherished beyond words.
I have currently had the opportunity to cultivate even more true friendships. To supplement my already abundant supply with yet some more wonderful, irreplaceable, irrevocable, irresistible relationships.
Finding that sense of camaraderie that intrinsic union between like minded individuals, sharing a sense of humor, wit, or set of values, creates an impenetrable bond. Sometimes, just finding in someone something so irresistibly attractive, a quality you covet or adore, and wanting to simply be close to this person in order bring some of their natural essence into yourself. To bask in and reflect the light they bring unto the world.
Friends charge your spirit. They fill you with joy, and abundance. The honesty and compassion we give and receive from our friendships are examples of the divine capabilities that we as humans possess. The capacity to support and encourage one another; to inspire and energize each other, to uplift, accept and love each other unconditionally. Sharing a smile, a thought, an inside joke… Knowing each other better than others know us, needing each other to feel complete…
Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, but they are always recognizable. They are relationships you simply can not imagine your life without. They may go years without being maintained, but when you reconnect there they are, right where you left off. Or they may be with you always, through every up and down, you may disagree, argue, challenge each other, but they are always there, truly a part of yourself, inseparable from who you are.
Friends bring a smile to your heart. They increase your joy, hope, health and happiness. Friends connect your spirit with the oneness of all things. Friendships are priceless. If you are a friend of mine you know it.  Unequivocally you know without a doubt that I love you for who you are and what you give to me just by your simple existence in my life. With much love and gratitude I thank my friends for their inimitable presence. I wouldn’t be me without you.

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  1. Only a single handfull of people have penetrated my being and become lifelong friends throughout my 40+ years. Two of which I met in my late 20's and refer to as my "Big Little Sisters"...simply because they are both taller than me and make me appear to be a midget. However, do not let that be a misconception to our friendship, family ties or love that we have for one another. We all met during the hardest and most directionally changing times in our lives. I want to believe that is what brought us all togetheer and has kept us together across the miles over the last 15 years. WOW...fifteen years has passed since we all met. Unbelievable in context to me. Where has it gone, why has it been allowed to pass....yes, we've visited each others home towns, but the time allowed to be passed between visits we blame to the ecomony, to lack of decent jobs; to being an American in the 22nd Century.