Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Blanket...

I’m knitting a blanket…
 A warm, snuggly, cozy blanket. I’m filling each row of stitches with love and feelings of comfort, peace, and joy. I am making an assertive effort to think positive thoughts each time I wrap the yarn around the needle and slip it through the loop. Every stitch that passes under my fingers from left to right is a reminder to think of something wonderful. This is going to be a most extraordinary blanket. This project is a practice, a daily meditative practice. It is being entwined with thoughts of abundance and gratitude, inspiration, hope, faith, kindness and love.
There is nothing fancy about it. I am not following a pattern, not even a knit, pearl ribbing. Simply knitting; straight across the board and back again. And again. And again… With a soft, thick, cuddly weight of yarn.  A comforting green/multi- color called Prairie, with flecks of burgundy and blue throughout.  A palette reflective of the earth and Her beauty.
I am using each stitch as a reminder. A momentary call to awareness. To keep my mind from wandering down unwanted thought paths. To use my focus to direct my energy. To instill the power of my imagination into something physical that grows before my eyes, from a ball of string to a useful, functional addition to reality. A literal manifestation of comfort in a world crying out for compassion.
I know it’s just a blanket… But tell me you don’t want to wrap it around you and feel the contentment and love I’ve knit into its very fabric! You know you do. J

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