Sunday, January 16, 2011

Everyday Messes...

The clutter and color of a life with children…
My house, my days, my life is filled with the most vibrant, vivacious, lively, colorful messes! My walls are plastered with watercolor fairy lands and abstract pictures of the world through the eyes of my little (and not so little) ones. The shelves overflow like a circus of games and puzzles and craft supplies.  There are balloons floating around in corners from a party a week ago. There are pretend cupcakes and cookies and blocks strewn all over the place, all of the time. There are tricycles and scooters.  Princess dresses, tiaras, magic wands, handmade treasures, ribbon clad “presents”, baby dolls, and Barbie dolls, paper flowers, books, little shoes, socks and un-hung masterpieces litter the floors.
I spend a lot of time fighting against the “mess”.  Trying to contain it. Organize it. Control it. Today, I want to embrace the beauty that is right before my eyes. The pleasure and wonder that is captured in a home that has been played in, lived in, loved in.  I have a sign that hangs in my kitchen; a friend gave it to me years ago. It reads:    
Please excuse the noise & mess…the kids are making happy memories.    
Everywhere I look there are reminders of the innocence and imaginings that fill the days of my children; the magic and excitement, the true spirit of liveliness that only children can imbue. Here to allow me to see the magnificence in my everyday challenges and to give me perspective. Perhaps a clean house is not a happy house after all. Perhaps I should spend less time struggling to put it all together and allow it be as it is, a wonderful, unique, glorious tribute to the magic and adventure of childhood, parenthood, life. A whimsical place to laugh, play, learn and love. A home. Our home.     

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  1. Sara, you are an amazing writer! This is a great post and I have read it and re-read it many times. :) Jen Drew