Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am the mother of girls. Three girls to be exact. Three, beautiful, wonderful, adorable, VOCAL girls!
These girls will talk about nothing and everything from dawn until dusk! They will talk to each other, and the cats, and the walls! They will talk nonsense and some sense… They sing, and bicker, and scream; laugh, cry, shout and whine… They fill my days (everyday) with ceaseless chattering noise! Sometimes it’s beautiful, wonderful to hear. When they are thoughtful and considerate of one another. When they learn something precious or tell a sweet story. But sometimes it is not so endearing, sometimes it is nerve grating… Sometimes I find myself wishing for a moment (or a week) of silence! Longing for a place where nobody speaks to me! Where I don’t know where anyone’s shoes are, or what’s for lunch. A land where nobody desires to share the intricate details of their most recent trip to the potty with me. A silent place where I could actually hear myself think…
Maybe I could hide in the closet???
Then I remember how excited we were when they spoke their first words. How encouraging we were while they explored the realm of vocal communication. How impressed I am when they use a word properly to express themselves. How rewarding it is to have a dear little voice interrupt my train of thought just to say, “Mommy I love you.” I remind myself that they won’t always want to talk to me. Someday they will shut their bedroom doors on me and wish me away. I will miss their sweet little girl giggles and voices. I will kick myself for spending any of this irreplaceable time wishing away the sound of their childhood.
I remember all of this and I know that it’s true. It helps me appreciate the time that I have with my girls. But still I wonder, (just a little bit) would the computer desk fit into the closet?


  1. Kaiden has recently gotten into his "what" phase. "Mommy, what is that? Mommy, what is that man doing over there? Mommy, what are you making for dinner?" And, it seems, even after I answer his one MILLION questions he asks them all. over. again. It drives me NUTS! I just want 5 minutes of silence. In an effort to save my sanity I have thought of going to the extent of making a rule that you are only allowed to ask the question ONCE. When I give you and answer that's the end of it. But, I don't want to discourage him from being curious either.
    It just drives me to the brink when he asks the same thing over and over and over and over and, get the point.
    Just when I think I am the only one....I am encouraged to find out that I'm not! :)

  2. It is nice to know that we (moms) are not alone in these thoughts! I feel terrible sometimes when I spend time "hushing" them and asking them to please stop talking for a minute. Moms have a hard and wonderful job!