Saturday, January 22, 2011

Facing Fear...

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”- FDR
Have wiser words ever been uttered? And why is it that we spend so much of our lives riddled with fear? Fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of ridicule, fear of disappointment, fear of judgment, fear of failure… We have all experienced these hard to face anxieties at one time or another and we have endured, perhaps even flourished in the face of this begrudging force.  The very things we allow to hold us back from our full potential and cause us to shake in our shoes are actually meant to propel us forward. Risk often offers great reward.
We struggle with our inner doubts and fears. We project them into our physical reality as hurdles, challenges, and roadblocks. Fear is a paralyzing entity. It undermines the most well endowed efforts of creativity. Fear holds your spirit in stagnation and prevents growth.  One who won’t dare to fail can never hope to succeed.  Life isn’t meant to frighten us. We live… We die.... Our time here is limited by design. Why then would we spend that time putting unnecessary limits upon ourselves? Living in a confined space of false security, hiding from our own insecurities, eliminating the prospect of failure by refusing to set out and try; selling ourselves short of our potential in exchange for some artificial semblance of sanctuary?
When we are brave enough to put ourselves out there, we begin to develop our true potentials. When we are not bound by fear of the unknown we open up unlimited venues of possibility. Life is simple really. It is an opportunity to embrace the full range of physical, creative and emotional experience and to fulfill our spirit’s wildest imaginings. Finding the courage to be the people we hope to be. Having the resolve to live up to our dreams and allowing them to carry us through fear and doubt, safely into the future of our own highest design. Like a raging river current which ultimately leads home to the sea, we travel through this turbulent existence and if we are lucky… Very, very lucky we realize sooner rather than later just what brings us joy and satisfaction, and we take the necessary measures to live that truth.

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