Saturday, January 8, 2011


Good morning!
Today I will welcome my obstacles and accept the challenges that present themselves to me.
Today I will smile in the face of adversity and laugh when I feel like crying.
Today I will tackle my responsibilities without begrudging.
Today, I will befriend time and make amends for yesterday.
Today I will exude confidence and acceptance.
Today I will increase my happiness by noticing it every chance I get.
Today I will allow myself to be fallible and see past my mistakes.
Today I will forgive.
Today I will play with my children even though I have a million other things to do.
Today I will find peace in the chaos.
Today I will honor my individuality and recognize that I am extraordinary.
Today I will be grateful for my home and my loved ones, and my health.
Today I will see past the mess and appreciate the finer details.
Today I will excuse myself from ridicule and belittlement.
Today I will practice patience and kindness.
Today I will speak with compassion.
Today I will honor my spirit and the spirit of those around me.
Today I will share the best of me with the world.
Today I will love unconditionally.
Today I will take every negative thought in my head and flip it to make a positive statement to the universe.

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