Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If Only...

If only I could impart to you the desire I possess to express the raw and untamed beauty which is life. To describe the intimate details and share with you the nuances and divine subtleties which pave our very path from birth to death.
If only my words had the power to invoke the sweetest, saddest, truest, loveliest feelings that subsist. If I could paint for you a picture with my words, swept like brush upon canvas, my thoughts might conjure a landscape of infinite intricacies. The colors beyond description would entice and intrigue your mind igniting all manner of heartfelt reflection.
If only I could depict the joy and wonder, the simplest moments bring. The sound of crickets chirping, the smell of summer evenings, the pleasure of belly laughs, the sight of fireflies and rainbows, the twinkling of an unclouded night, the delicate, papery, softness of an elderly loved one’s hand, the reassurance of a comforting embrace, the cool, sweet, creamy goodness of ice cream or the soft, supple feel of whispered kisses upon a baby’s tender brow. Remarkably exquisite details captured for your consideration. Set upon display within your own imagination; bathed in a lyrical light, causing their very ordinariness to appear extraordinary.
If only I could capture the magic and share it with you. To be capable for even just one inspired moment, an instant, to bring the unadulterated magnitude of human existence and experience to you and afford you an intimate glimpse into this mystical enigma that we call life.
If only my modest talent were so endowed; I would know a sense of fulfillment and peaceful composure. I would be a little bit closer to the universe and its vastness, and so too would you.

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  1. My dearest Sara....please write a book. I will be the first to buy it and the first to demand an autograph! Love and kisses..DJ